Auctions have returned

Hi, all.

Earlier this year as many of you know, I had to stop posting eBay auctions as I had no more stock to sell. Well, I’ve spent a large part of the summer building up my stock, both paintings and ACEO’s. Now, I’ve started posting on eBay again. Here’s the link to see what I’ve got going on now. It’ll open for you in a new window, so you can keep reading here. Of course, at this time, there’s only a couple, but I promise more very, very soon. I hope I’ll get to a point where I give a preview of what’s going to be posted here before it goes to eBay or Boundless Gallery.

Wow! Can you believe this year is nearly over?  I can’t.  I’d hoped to do so much, but I’ve gotten only a few of those things done. Of course a large part of what I’m trying to do now is get organized. I feel so scattered right now and I’m trying to end the chaos before everything implodes. I’m also trying to finish up a photography class and take a painting class. I’m a firm believer in continuing education. No matter how much you know (or think you know) there’s always something someone can teach you. And, I’ve always believed in working smarter, not harder, so if someone shows me a simpler way of doing something, I’m all for it. Unless, of course it has to do with cell phones, but that’s a subject for another post. For now, I better get this posted so I can get to bed for my four hours of sleep before it’s time for me to get up and paint before another day begins.


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