In addition to the landscape paintings, I enjoy landscape photography. Guess that’s me — lady of the earth. Actually, I like trees. Each one is an individual. No two ever grow the same. They have no purpose other than to be a tree.

In case you’re wondering, the picture across the page at the top of the blog is a picture I took (but without the bar down the center — that’s part of the template for the blog and I can’t get rid of it). I’m hoping that next year I can get some printed up to sell at fairs, maybe online too. So, if you see this and are interested in a print, please let me know. Of course, that goes for all the art here. If you see something, please check out my site.  I try to keep all my art prices reasonable, and I do offer payment plans. If you still don’t think you can afford the original art I will gladly make you a print.  All you have to do is let me know you’re interested.

Here’s a photo that’s a couple years old now. Can you guess where it was taken? No? Well, you’ll have to go to my website and check out the photograph page to learn all about it. I know, I’m cruel! Mah-hahaha! (That’s my evil laugh of course!)

Okay, go have fun now. Enjoy life. And hug a tree if the mood strikes!


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