What a difference a class can make

Okay, I’ve been a little lax here lately.  I was trying to write more often — I have a friend who believes that if a blogger doesn’t write every three days, they’re “dead.” She does have a point.

So, what have I been up to that’s kept me away from my blog and eBay auctions?  Well, I went to Montana to take a painting class from Jerry Yarnell. For those of you who don’t know him, he’s got a tv show on PBS about painting (and I’d never seen it until yesterday) and several books about painting (which is how I learned who he was). Anyway, I do have this belief that even artists should take “continuing education classes.” There’s always something you can learn. In my case, I really wanted to learn how to paint a whole canvas with a brush. Everytime I’ve tried, it turns out all wrong. I like my technique, but I also would like to expand beyond what I’m doing right now. So, a painting class seemed the way to go, especially since I’ve never had any formal art training.

So, how did it go? — you ask. Jerry is a great teacher. If you want to take a class to really learning painting techniques, I highly suggest his class. You can learn a lot from him and from how he can fix other people’s paintings. I was simply amazed watching him.  And how did my painting turn out? — you now ask. Beyond belief! It’s beautiful. There are some parts of the canvas I’m not impressed with, but after all the workshop class is not where you’re going to paint your masterpiece but rather practice techniques. That being what it is, I’m very proud of the painting I produced. It’s better than anything I’ve painted (whole brush on canvas technique) so far. I’m trying at the moment to reproduce it. After all, practice makes perfect.

I don’t have a picture of the painting right now, but I’ll get one soon. Maybe when I do, I’ll have the second one done too and I can put up a comparison shot.

Well, I have to go and fix a bike right now. But hopefully that’s the only delay I have between me and my paintbrush right now. So many paintings, so little time!


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