Personal vacation be damned!

Okay, a bit of a rant today.

I took a couple days off last week to go visit my parents. We just got home yesterday. For the next three days I had taken off to just stay home and paint. I was going to prove to myself that I could be a full-time artist just to ease my own mind. However, the universe seems to have other plans.

Last week before my vacation even started, a co-worker came to me and asked if I could work for her on Tuesday. She really needed to be with a friend who’s having a difficult pregnancy. Okay, her need was greater than mine. I knew I still had two days, even though it would be broken with real life in-between.

But then, last night, my youngest son started throwing up. I couldn’t say I was feeling real perky either. Now, this morning, I’ve got him home from school because he feels lousy and I’m tired from not sleeping well. I realize that if I were a full-time artist, I’d still have sick kids to contend with, but why did it have to be on the first day of my personal vacation?

So now I’m wondering what’s in store for me on Wednesday. How exactly is my last day of my personal vacation going to get turned upside-down? Why am I even bothering with this at all? Should I just throw in the towel on Wednesday and just go back to work? I’m thinking that my oldest child is bound to be sick that day!

Well, obstacles be damned. I’m going to get some painting done anyway. I swear that when I report back I’ll be able to say that I got something accomplished on this personal vacation that the universe is trying to smash. I swear it! I might even be lucky and be able to get a nap in too!


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