If you’ve visited my website –and I know you have!– then you’ll know that I’d had on their that I was the painter of trees (okay, ethereal trees maybe). Anyway, since I’ve taken Jerry Yarnell’s class, I feel more comfortable with painting landscapes, actual traditional landscapes. Still, my trees look like my trees and they still have an almost oriental appearance. My son calls them “broccoli trees.” So they aren’t perfect, but they always seem to grow on their own.

Back to my point. I’ve taken off the painter of trees bit, though eventually maybe I’ll feel confident enough to have that title. For now I’m happy just painting landscapes. I’m working on a little more traditional and a little more realistic, but hopefully it still has an element of ethereal-ness about them. I’d like my art to have a little more haunting beauty to it.

I’ve heard it said that artists are never satisfied with what they produce, that there’s always changes they’d wished they made or parts they don’t like. If you’re an artist and have this feeling, then rest assured that you’re in the right place and not any different than the masters. I’ve been going through that too. It’s strange. When I was writing, it always seemed like I’ve written a damn good draft and had only minor edits to make. At least until someone else read it and gave me an honest critique. Then I could see how bad the draft truely was and how much I was off. When I’m painting it’s like I see every error. Happy accidents, Bob Ross would call them. I’m only happy if I can fix the accident. Sometimes I don’t think I go deep enough with my paintings because I’m afraid of screwing up what I’ve already done. I guess that as confidence comes that I can correct things and paint objects as they should be the first time I’ll get braver.

So, how was my Wednesday of my personal vacation. Surprisingly, it was decent, dentist appointment not withstanding. I finished my copy of the painting I did in Jerry’s class — I only need to put in the long weeds. I touched up a couple parts of another painting. I got another painting blocked in. and I nearly completed another painting where I had already airbrushed the sky and I just needed to firgure out what to paint. I hadn’t meant for it to be a pond when I started put in the background trees, but as I put in the land I saw a shoreline developing so I went with it (Happy accident?!). Of course going away from my original composition meant that I had new issues to figure out. I still have some highlighting and tall weeds (surprise) to put in, but it’s nearly complete. Now I just have to get pictures of them all so I can list them here. Stay tuned so you’ll see it first!


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