Picture done in class

Hi, everyone.

A quick post, but I promised I’d get this up this weekend, so here it is. Here’s the picture I did in my Montana class.

I have another that I started working on when I got home. It’s almost dry. When it is, I’ll post it here and it’ll be available on eBay. I haven’t been as good as I wanted with the eBay auctions — I still feel diminished in my supply. However, I just ordered several new canvases and lots more paint so now I’ve got to work with them. Oh, and there’s more news abound. Let’s see, how much do I want to say? Well, I shouldn’t say much because deals are still in the works, but I have a new artist I hope to be representing with Morning Sky Studios very soon — perhaps as soon as next week. He’s doing something I only wish I had the skill to do myself. Maybe someday I’ll have him teach me. But his style is so different than mine. Well, keep an eye on the eBay auctions and on the Morning Sky Studios website (and right here too) for the big announcement!


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