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Good morning!

I’ve listed another painting on Etsy today. It’s called Sun Tree. I wish the picture did it justice. Strangely enough, this one was a show stopper at the art festivals I went to. So many people would walk by my booth, nearly pass, then stop dead in their tracks when they saw it. Many times I thought it would be purchased. Everytime it was left behind. I wonder if it’s because it’s such a simple picture really. Beautiful blended colors, but simple. Still, I have faith that someone will like it and want one of my earliest pieces. I still believe in it’s value. Here’s the picture.

Sun Tree

Here’s the one that will be posted on eBay later today.


This picture is another based on a Jerry Yarnell painting, so it’s really a student work not an original. Still, it’s got my flair as I still have to mix my own colors and it’s not exact like Jerry’s. Still, I never expected to paint something so beautiful. I still can’t believe I can do this.

Time to get back to work.


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