Paintings for Sale!

Hello, everyone!

Yeah, I finally got a painting listed on eBay again.  It’s the one listed in the last post. Better go bid on it now — wouldn’t want to forget or have the auction end. You’d miss your chance.

I’ve also set up a shop with Etsy to see what comes of it.  As Above, So Below is listed there with free shipping. Oh, did I say, “free shipping”? Yes, FREE!  I’m trying to go with free shipping on all my newer posts. If you were to go out to Boundless Gallery right now and purchase the art, you’d have to pay shipping. But you can get it now from Etsy and the shipping would be (there’s that wonderful word again) FREE! Hopefully I’ll get around to making shipping free from all the places where I currently offer my work. I hate having to calculate in shipping when I’m order online and I’m always trying to make it so I get my packages shipped free, so I figured that my audience is probably a lot like me and would like the same consideration. So, wah-lah, FREE SHIPPING!

One other thing you may not know is that I offer a 100% guarantee. If you purchase a painting, receive it, and decide that it isn’t quite what you expected, just return it within 7 days for a full refund.

More to come soon. Stay tuned!


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