New painting

Hi, all!

I’ve posted a new painting at Boundless Gallery. It’s called Reflections in the Breeze and it’s absolutely beautiful.  Take a look for yourself.

available at Boundless Gallery

available at Boundless Gallery

There are additional images of the paintings, closeups of the painting as well at Boundless Gallery. I also hope to have prints available at soon. Speaking of, I’ve added a link from here directly to my gallery there. It’s a great spot to get prints of some of my older artwork as well as my photography.
Oh, and I have more coming soon. I’ve been working on something a bit different. Still landscapes, but different than anything I’ve been doing so far. And eye-stoppingly beautiful. Absolutely brilliant. (Sorry, my sons have been watching Doctor Who and it’s a bit contagious!) I can’t wait to start posting them. It’ll be almost as exciting as painting them.
Until then…

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