Walk the Fantasy Path

You ready? Hope so, because here we go!

That painting I was talking about in the post this weekend is finally posted. Here’s your first look.

Fantasy Path

There are additional closeups of the painting at Boundless Gallery, so be sure to check it out.  Also, at Cafe Press, you can get this painting on a journal and a ceramic cup — more great gift ideas.

Speaking of Cafe Press, did you know that I also do graphic novels. Yeap, I was working on two of them. Unfortunately, I had to stop earlier this year for various reasons. I do hope to get back to them soon, especially Sacred Knight. I feel I really have something to say with it. These are a labor of love, so I try to keep the price low on them — visit www.morningskystudios.com and you can purchase a signed copy of Sacred Knight or Weblinks for only $3.00 per copy. You can also read Weblinks for free by following the links. If you decide that you enjoy my graphic novels, you can get all kinds of goodies from Cafe Press.

I heard today that there’s a truck in town with a spiderweb on it and that it looks just like the web I drew for the cover of Weblinks. Yes, I did draw that myself, though there’s not much to a spiderweb. I’d like to see it just to compare it. Then, when I was driving home today I heard “Land of Confusion” on the radio and it made me think of Sacred Knight. Strange, but these repedative thoughts sure made me want to get back to work on them. I hope I can soon.

Well, stay tuned. More to be posted soon.


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