Great artists

I’ve already posted my views about abstract art. Little did I know then that I’d get to know a great abstract painter. Her name is Judy Wilder. She paints in more than abstract and it’s all beautiful work. My favorite piece is posted here. Her work has such color and emotion to it. She is a true abstract painter. Definately get over and check out her work.

Another artist I’ve heard about but don’t know is S.L. Peterson. I came across her website through Twitter. Her oil paintings are beautiful and so realistic.

Strange that I go from abstract to realism in one post, but I do try to stay open to all sorts of art. Yes, art is very subjective and it doesn’t have to be for everyone. It reminds us that we are still unique individuals with out own tastes. That’s the beauty of art.


One Response to Great artists

  1. Judy Wilder says:

    Dawn, thank you for the wonderful complement about my abstracts.

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