Pain and envy

Yes, I envy the artist that can paint and write a blog post every day, or nearly every day. I swore I would try harder, but somehow the universe is fighting against me. If 2009 continues to go like it has so far, I vote that it be tanked and we move onto 2010. On the other hand, I am a true believer in balance so maybe I’m just getting all this negativity out of the way so that I can have some good fortune enter my life.

Long story short, I was in a car accident a couple weeks ago. My boys and I were on the Interstate going home after watching a movie. The roads were icy and I was in the slow lane. I didn’t even see it coming. One of the trucks trying to go around me hit their breaks and it forced the car behind him to hit his and he slid right into me. Poor guy. Anyway, as a result, my car’s in the shop now. My boys are okay, but I took the impact through the steering wheel. For a week now my wrists have been bothering me. It’s hard to type when they really start hurting (that’s why there were no new posts since whenever the last one was – I had set that one up to go right before the accident).

We’re all on our way to recovery. January’s always a bad month for me anyway, but really! I long for the day when I can stay home throughout the month of January and avoid it all. Ha! Like that will ever happen. Anyway, my youngest son also broke his glasses last week. Less than a week before that, we’d put lenses into his year-old frames.

On the bright side, I have been painting when my wrists and muscles haven’t been aching too badly. I knew that I’d do everyone much better if I spent the time resting, so I really tried to do that. However, it’s hard to not paint too. I have a new one that I started yesterday. It’s central focus is a waterfall. This one is done on paper as a study for a larger one that I’d like to do on canvas. I have this canvas that’s 4’x2′ that I’ve been looking for just the right thing and this waterfall might just be it. Anyway, I hope to have work in progress photos up on Facebook in the very near future along with all the others. I’ve rearranged my living room a little so I hope I can get better WIP photos than I was getting. I won’t know until I download from my camera though.

This new painting has been a challenge though. I really like the paper for airbrushing as you can tell from my past work. I want to get back to airbrushing soon – I haven’t been doing a whole lot recently since once the temperature drops I just want to hang out near my heaters. Besides, there’s something about getting out of bed in the morning and opening my blinds to the early morning light that inspires my airbrushing. Anyway, enough there. Back to the new painting. The paper doesn’t hang onto the paint as well as canvas and when it does get onto it, the paint dries very rapidly. There’s no time for blending. Although I do find it easier to keep out the hard lines since I really have to scrub the paint onto the paper. In some ways that has been easier to layer colors. I want to experiement with my next piece a little more, maybe make it a bit more of a traditional landscape in order to really play with the paint and colors.

I love the way the waterfalls are turning out so far. I’m tempted to mask them off so I don’t accidentally get paint all over them, but I remind myself that it is only paint. I’m also afraid the masking would end up peeling the paint from the paper. If it wasn’t going so well so far, I’d be tempted to experiment.

When this one is done, I plan on matting it and maybe framing it. I’ve set up a new system that allows me to paint on the larger paper that I like, but that will matte easily with a 11×14 size and fit into a 16×20 frame. I think this will be a good selling point at the fairs this year. Yes, fairs again. I’m thinking about applying for one in Salem, Oregon and another in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The booth fees might be a bit beyond my reach this year though. I hope not. Besides, I still have to make it past the jury and be accepted. I’m trying not to put the cart before the horse.

Speaking of the cart before the horse, if I want to do fairs this year, I got to get some inventory. Last year’s fairs sold out all my good paintings. Now, I’m left with pieces I’ve either decided not to sell or with items that really need to be painted over or burned. Especially now that my painting style has changed so drastically. Or, once I get back to airbrushing, I may find that my tree paintings haven’t changed all that much but rather just improved. I’m every so hopeful, aren’t I?!!

Anyway, now that I’m starting to feel all better and not as sore, I’m ready to get back to it. No more pain and envy, just nose to the grindstone.


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