New Piece Mentioned Yesterday

Since I blabbered on yesterday about my newest work in process, I figured I better actually post a picture of it. I did better than that though. I posted two pictures. Just for you! Yes, you. I figured if I mentioned it I better reward my loyal readers.

It feels kind of strange having so many works in progress at once. Looking at the album, one would see that I have four paintings I’m working on. Truthfully, the first painting shown is nearly complete. I still feel that it needs something. The other two canvas works I haven’t committed to yet. There’s still the one I’m not certain it will work, but I do want to give it a chance. It’s just this waterfall piece has overtaken me. I don’t mind putting one aside for another temporarily. If it lasts too long and I don’t get back to a painting, I know that I just need to paint the canvas over and start again. I use to do the same thing when I was writing. If one manuscript started calling to me to work on it, I would put the one I was working on aside to work on the other. I certainly hope other artists work this way otherwise I’d feel insane.

Well, get on over to check them out. The Work In Progress album on Facebook is one that will always be changing as new pieces are started and others are finished. You’ll be one of the lucky ones to be able to say that you stayed with the updates along the way.


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