I finished working on my waterfall painting and I got to comparing my other waterfall paintings. Wow, what a progression. I thought I’d share them with you.

This one was my very first painting. I was working from a Bob Ross tutorial and had one happy accident too many and ended up with a completely different painting than I was supposed to have.


This next painting is one you’ve all seen probabl, but I’ll show it again because the progression is important. This painting was one I did last year before I came fully into my own style. I had just taken Jerry Yarnell’s class and knew my art was evolving, but I hadn’t yet uncovered the path where my art was going.


Okay, now finally the last one. Just completed.

Waterfall 3

If you want to see how this painting developed as well as closeup shots, please click the link to the left that will take you to my Facebook – WIP album page. While you’re there, why not sign up to be a fan of the page and stay current on new paintings. But don’t delay, these photos won’t stay long on Facebook as I’ve got other paintings to showcase. The show must go on.


One Response to Evolution

  1. Claudia says:

    You are AWSOME! Keep up the work. I just love you

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