Newsletter coming

On my website, there’s a new box set up for collectors, art lovers, and anyone else’s interested to sign up for my free newsletter. What’s going to be in it?

In the interest of keeping it short and sweet, I plan on having one main article, a showcase of new art before it hits my website, a couple good quotes I’ve discovered during the month, and other artists the readers might be interested in. Every month I come across so many artists that I find fascinating and I really want to share them.

Well, that’s the plan right now. More might be added. I think it’s time I really sit down and clarify my intentions. Some times I feel so focused and other times I feel scattered in a hundred directions. While my blog is pretty much a jam session of whatever’s on my mind at the moment, the main article in the newsletter will have more relevant content.  Oh, there will also be special reader only specials, so you need to sign up to be in on them.

Go now. What are you waiting for?

Tah-tah for now.


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