Shouting in the wind

My son has a Wolverine walkie-talkie. Somewhere, he also has a Spiderman counterpart. Several times a week, he picks up Wolverine, turns it on and calls against the static, “Spiderman, come in Spiderman” as though someday the lost Spiderman will answer back and reveal his location. Tonight, I added even more by saying, “Web-boy, Web-boy, Nails here. Come in Web-boy. Nails wants to talk to you.” At first, I got a glare, until I started to laugh, then my son laughed with me. It’s good like that.

I’ve just gotten a copy of I’d Rather Be In the Studio by Alyson Stanfield and started reading it. So far, I have to say that it’s really good.

Now you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this and how these two things relate together. Well, here I am reading a book about self-promotion and teasing my son about calling out to dead air. It seems like everyone now days has something they are trying to sell or promote. Ads abound everwhere saying that advertising during a recession pays off. On and on it goes. With everyone, especially on the Internet, shouting “LOOK AT ME!” is anyone getting anywhere or are we just shouting into the wind? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made a lot of great friends on the Internet. I’ve reconnected with some I’ve lost.  I enjoy my Twitter and Facebook family – people I don’t even know telling me about their lives each day. For someone like me who enjoys sitting back and watching how people do things, it’s great.

But in the end, after we’ve spent all day talking about what we’ve been doing and reading what everyone else has done, have we really added value to the world? Or have we just wasted our time? Is directing traffic to this website or that really functional? I have to wonder if we are just learning to settle down into our new little villages. If you stop and think about it, a little over 100 years ago the whole town knew that Bob ran the grocery store where farmer Sam sold his eggs. Everyone in town was friends with Bob and Sam. Bob didn’t stand outside and shout, “I’m Bob. Come check out my store.” and Sam didn’t ring the cowbell as he delievered his eggs to Bob’s store and yell, “Fresh eggs, going right now to be sold. Come one, come all to Bob’s store.” Not to say that they didn’t do their own advertising, but just that it was different.

What do you think? Is social networking a good thing, or are we just giving the Internet a hoarse throat?


4 Responses to Shouting in the wind

  1. I think social networking can be good or bad. Those who use it for good will build their online community in ways that they never would imagine for their real neighborhood. It may be a substitute for connecting in real life, but I’ve also seen it bring people together. People who have connected online for months or years make appointments to meet up or attend a workshop together. This is very cool! We can meet people we only would have met through (gasp) chain letters in the past.

    Enjoy the book, Dawn! But don’t read it at night.

    • dawnblair says:

      Thanks for your comment, Alyson. It was so exciting to see you appearing on my blog. I do agree that through social networking we’ve actual met people that were before hidden behind websites. It’s been interesting to watch the whole thing develop.

      Thanks again, Alyson. Oh, and I am thoroughly enjoying the book!

  2. Wrick says:

    it seems to me that each person makes their own world on the net in the way they are as a being by what they do on the net – with or without their name. in other words a person creates their world on the net around them as they make it – by their words and actions. so it’s really up to the individual and group to make networking a good thing or not. sharing your world with anyone else is the same as face to face networking – all people involved are accounted for and what is created is what those people build in the way they build it. it’s our choice how we network and whether we make it a good thing or not. the net is a community/tool that facilitates the process of networking across the planet – just like the village is a community/tool that made networking across that community possible. have fun. aloha – Wrick

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