Tree Stories?

Tree Stories? What’s up with that?

I know I’ve had several people wondering what exactly the Tree Stories in my newsletter would be about. Let me start with a little background.

When I was doing my daily eBay auctions, I had a little story at the end of the auction. I know I had quite a few people following each day to see what the story would be about. Several of my collectors wrote to me and told me they enjoyed my mountain stories in particular.

These days it’s been hard to find time to do the eBay auctions like I use to. It’s something I’d like to get back to. However, in the meanwhile I’ve decided to return to telling these short stories for my collectors and newsletter readers. I did decide to be a little more specific though. Since my paintings are inspired by trees and what they bring to our lives (or that’s what my art had started out as, I’ve gotten away from, and I plan to return to), I decided to tell Tree Stories which highlight important trees I’ve had in my life. Important trees? I know it sounds strange, but it’s oh so true. I have great memories surrounding trees. That’s why I’d decided to paint them and learn more about them. Yes, I’ve gotten away from it and I hope that by telling Tree Stories in my monthly newsletter that I will refind my original focus. Some stories will be from my childhood, growing up in a small town. Others will be about how I found the trees that show up in my paintings and photographs.

I hope this has whet your appetite to read the Tree Stories. You will only find them in my newsletter. Head on over to my website to get your free subscription.


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