Getting ready for upcoming events

I’ve spent a large part of the weekend getting ready for the Ogden Arts Festival on 25th Street in Ogden, Utah, coming up on June 13th. I’ve been making some booth modifications and wanted to try them out. At this moment, I think it’ll go well. Or so I’m hoping. As we were folding the canopy back up, we discovered one of the trusses was broken. I’m a little nervous about the fix.

I’m sure that the truss was broken last year when we did the North Ogden Arts Festival. During the last 20 minutes, I went for a walk around the park to see what the other artists had. 5 minutes later a wind started kicking up. Of course, once I was clear across the park, the wind really started gusting. I decided to go back and was nearly hit by a canopy that went sailing through the air. After helping to catch the runaway, I looked up to see my booth toppled. A strangling fear took me as I wondered if my son was under that. As I ran towards my booth, I saw one of the volunteers trying to get it up. The whole park was in chaos. As I arrived at my booth, I saw my son safe and carrying back an armload of art he’d caught. We packed up as quickly as we could. Everyone was helping everyone else. The volunteers putting on the event kept coming by asking if we needed help – they were doing a great job of being where they were needed. I found out later that my son hadn’t been under the canopy when it flipped because he’d gone off chasing a piece he thought was mine but actually belonged to a photographer next to me. The canopy went in easily enough and didn’t look too mangled, so I thought all was fine. Two of my canvases were ruined and a couple more pieces on paper, but really a small price to pay knowing my son was okay. Best of all, we went back to our tent trailer and had carrot cake at 2 a.m. when the wind woke us both up. I think carrot cake is going to be an Ogden tradition now. Don’t be surprised if you stop by my booth and find slices of carrot cake nearby!


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