Bakery, brownie, and pictures

Confession time!

Like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, I never understood the point of books without pictures. In fact, I knew this to be true so deeply in my soul that I could never get past the first paragraph of that book. I’d always put it down to trade for Buzz, Buzz, Buzz or Go, Dog, Go! or even a comic book.

Today I’m still captivated by children’s books and graphic novels.

Every Tuesday my dad and I would go down to the bakery and mercantile. He’d pick up his magazines: Star, National Enquirer, etc., and I’d get my comic books, usually Archie. We’d pick up some brownies. Oh, I miss those brownies. Soft and not too chewy with the thin brittle crust on the top. Even now, I can smell the melted chocolate and feel the warm paper bag in my hands. Maybe it’s these times that drive my passion for stories with pictures.

I have two graphic novels going right now. One is called Weblinks. It’s been awhile since I’ve worked on it. My number one fan, aka my youngest son, urges me at least once a week to get back to writing it. He’s right and I hope that this winter I can get back to it. Especially since I left it hanging at a critical point.

The other one is my passion. Let’s just say that when I started this, I didn’t know that I’d still be working on it when my oldest son was nearly as old as my main character. In fact, I’ve been working on this story for one year longer than he’s been alive. It’s been worth the wait and I’m glad I’ve had the time to develop it like it needed to be done. Sacred Knight is truly my first baby.

Sacred Knight: The Three Books - Legend 1
Sacred Knight: The Three Books - Legend 1

My stumbling block on Sacred Knight comes from a fear that I’ll never be able to draw the story as well as I see it. I want it to be beautiful and I want readers to love it as much as I do. Does it matter if the art isn’t as solid as I want it to be if the story is good? Can a reader come to love the art if they connect with the characters? What do you think?

Brownie anyone?

6 thoughts on “Bakery, brownie, and pictures

  1. Dawn.You and your art are amazing to me. I can taste those brownies! No, really, I can. I love picture books as well and graphic novels. I am loving being able to follow you on this. Might be time to publish?

  2. Hi Dawn,
    I am always a sucker for childhood memories and this was beautifully described. I agree with Janice and Liz. I can smell those Brownies.
    As to your question about illustrating your book. I think you must draw what you see and if in the end you are not happy with them maybe you can find a collaborator to help you get those visions on the page. i love the illustration on your post.

    1. Thank you Janice and Susan for your comment. I also appreciate your comment about finding a collaborator, Susan. It’s a great idea that I’ll have to look into if I can’t get to where I want to be by myself. Thanks for option C.

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