Shh! Quiet please!!!

Aren’t there times when you wish you could stop and have 5 minutes to yourself all quiet and restful? Been having one of those days? Okay, don’t go there with me because it has been one of those days!

Tonight, I looked at my newest painting and this feeling of calm came over me. The painting seemed to say, “It’s quiet here. You can hear the weeds swaying in the breeze. Just listen.” I knew then I had the title for my painting.

Now the exciting part. I get to share the painting with you! Come enjoy the quiet with me.

"Quiet" 14"x18" acrylic on canvas panel © 2009 Dawn Blair

'Quiet' 14x18 acrylic on canvas panel
© 2009 Dawn Blair

It’s only available on eBay. Click the picture and you’ll be taken right to it. This painting and several other listed in the sidebar off to the right are just waiting for you to take it home. Paintings with large puppy dog eyes are staring at you now. You can’t resist. You know you can’t! Puppy dog eyes!

Now, all my devoted Weblinks fans – I’m really truly going to get back to it. I realized that I only have 1-2 pages before I finish Bite 3 (that’s equal to chapter 3). I’m just trying to finish up with my book about editing, then I’m getting back to Weblinks. It’s had over 15,000 hits so far! Thank you all for your support. I’ll be seeing you again soon!


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