Do what you love: Part 1 – Time

Alyson Stanfield recently commented about letting painters paint and framers frame. I agree. Maybe you won’t. But let’s discuss this issue.

Just this last week, I needed a battery put into one of my cars. I can change a tire in 20 minutes and I’ve changed batteries before, so I knew I could do it. But it’s not what I wanted to do. I went to one of the local car repair places and asked them to do a house call. It cost me triple what I figured it would cost – though my estimate may have been low to begin with. Fifteen minutes later, I paid the fee and walked out with a smile on my face.

In this day where everyone is pinching pennies and worried about if the recession has ended or not, am I strange for paying for something I could do myself? Am I daft?

No! I was investing in my own time. I could’ve gone price shopping, found the lowest price battery, and put it in myself. Adding up the time I figure it would’ve cost me about 3 hours of time to drive around to several places to find the cheapest battery, another hour to install the battery, and one more hour to take the battery for disposal. 5 hours of my time. Time where I can be doing what I love instead. Those 5 hours are priceless when I know what I could be doing with them, when I’m making an investment in my career.

Going back to the painting versus framing issue – should I spend an hour of time framing and doing something that isn’t my passion, or should I be spending that hour painting or marketing my art? I would choose the painting. What do you think?

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 where we’ll discuss more about doing what you love and making the right choices to allow you to follow your passion.


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  1. dawnblair says:

    I’m adding this as a follow-up. It’s a blog entry written by Sue Smith and she’s discussing framing issues and why it might be better to find someone else to do it, or things to remember if you decide to do it yourself.

    Here’s the entry:

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