Bonus News Flash!

I’ve been interviewed as one of the artists attending the Thousand Spring’s Festival on September 26th and 27. Come out and see all the wonderful artists!

Thanks to Melissa Davlin, Times News reporter, for the wonderful article!


4 Responses to Bonus News Flash!

  1. Hi Dawn. Congrats on the interview.

    Your site looks wonderful. What I’m very impressed with are your headings in the sidebar. The direct simplicity is wonderful, especially Paintings Needing A Home. I hope they find homes. They really deserve them.

    • dawnblair says:

      Thanks, Jackie. The blogging class really worked wonders on my blog. I’m really happy about it and excited to make my blog a powerful tool. I hope you feel the same way about yours.

  2. ccmhats says:

    Way to go on the positive press, Dawn! Have a great fair.

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