First Snow

First Snow<p>14x11 acrylic on Bristol board<p>© 2009 Dawn Blair

First Snow
14x11 acrylic on Bristol board
© 2009 Dawn Blair

Last year, my boys and I started watching Heroes and fell in love the show. While my favorite character is Hiro (he who bends time and space), I had a little jealousy for the artist in the first season who could paint the future.

Anyway, to my point: I painted this on September 27th and it came true one week later. Spooky! Just like the artist from Heroes.

It was all fun seeing the first snowfall of the year, except that I’m not a big snow person (so what the heck am I doing in Idaho?!!!), until the wet snow weighed down the branches in my maple tree and they snapped. The tree is probably 50 years old or so and is one of the tallest in the neighborhood; it’s got a lot of branches. I had a good 3-foot high pile of branches in my yard by the time the day was done. Fortunately though, none fell on any cars or on my house. Whew! Still, there’s something scary about the creak of wood as a branch peels away from the tree that’s akin to nails on a chalkboard.

For those of you who like snow, snow is falling in First Snow. There’s little flecks in the sky and snow’s gathering in the leaves and on the branches. None of the branches in these trees will snap under the weight of the snow on them so once you hang this picture, your work with it is done except to enjoy the painting. Please e-mail me if you’d like to purchase First Snow.

Next time, we’ll take a journey to The Final Frontier!


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  1. Dawn: This is an exquisite painting. The mood…is captivating. I can spend hours with this piece. I consider it a wonderful achievement. Simplicity is so hard to capture. You’ve done it. Thanks for sharing your vision.

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