Sacred Knight Update

It’s time I give you an update on my graphic novel, Sacred Knight, don’t you agree? So, how’s the book coming?

I finished drafting the script to the first story arc (there’s three total) a couple weeks ago. I still need to edit it and get all the points lined out. The next two portions of the story are going to be harder to write because I know the first part so much better. Still, it’ll all coming together.

I’ll work on the next two arcs as I’m putting together the art for the first. I’ve already started drafting the pages for second chapter. It’s about time. I feel like it’s been so long since I released the first chapter, but I really wanted to make sure I had a handle on the story.

Okay, okay, so there’s another reason too! I’ve been terrified of the art I knew I was going to need to draw. Not to mention all the new characters that I had to take from my head to the page. I still feel very new in all this – drawing comics was certainly not part of my plan! But it’s a good and welcomed surprise to my life.

I hope all my fans who’ve read and enjoyed the first chapter understand why I had to take so long to release the second one. Thank you for your support and encouragement. Your belief in me has meant the world. So, here we go! Legend Two (aka chapter two) coming soon!


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