Weblinks Returns

The page is done! Tomorrow, Friday, January 8, 2010, my online comic Weblinks awakens from hiatus.

Will there be fanfare? Of course there will be!

Once that page is posted, Bite 3 (aka chapter 3) will be finished. To celebrate, I’m having a contest. Tomorrow, when the page is posted, I’ll put a comment here with the link directly to the new page so you, my wonderful blog reader, will know how to find it. Follow that to Weblinks and out about a special “Fans Only” giveaway.

If you read my Sacred Knight update earlier this week, you know that I use a program called Manga Studios for drawing the comic. Weblinks is done entirely in Manga Studios. From sketches to roughs to the final inking. And if you do like I did last week and read the entire thing, you quickly see how fast I progressed as an artist. The key to getting better at something is definitely to practice it and keep practicing it. I’ve always considered Weblinks to be my “on-the-job training.” As such, I’ve learned how to use the Manga Studios program, which I find fairly easy to use (but maybe that’s just the techie geek in me talking), and I’m glad that my progression as an artist is so very public — since I’m always trying to convince people that they can be artistic.

I do have to admit that as I’m going back and reading Manga Studio for Dummies, I’m learning even more about the program. I’m familiar enough with the program that I see myself going through the motions when I’m reading, but there’s so much I’ve missed too. It’s also interesting because, as you know, I love learning how other artists work and I’m always picking up new tips on how to work better. This book is helping me get insights into how the author works too which is very different from how I work the program. There are a few things I plan on implementing and changing about how I work, but that two different people have two vast ways of doing their comics proves what a versatile program Manga Studios is.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Cool! I just read the newest installment. :-0

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