Weblinks Tile Coaster

I’m so excited. Yesterday I received the tile coffee coaster that I’m giving away in my Weblinks contest. It’s simple to enter: just become a fan of Weblinks on Facebook. Here’s a picture of the coaster.

Weblinks banner on tile cup coaster
© 2010 Dawn Blair

I have one on my desk at work. I smile every time I look at it. When I pick up my coffee cup and see the coaster, I remember that I’m connected, that I’m more than just a bookkeeper, but I’m a friend, mother, and artist too. So many people seeing me in various capacities.

I never knew how big social media was going to be when I came up with the slogan for the Weblinks series, “It’s our connections that bind us,” But the more I get to know people via the Internet, the more I see that this is true. I hope that as the series progresses, more of this feeling comes out.

Speaking of coffee cups, I also got a new Sacred Knight cup to go on my tile coaster. It’s beautiful. See the pictures below.

Sacred Knight cup
© 2010 Dawn Blair

Sacred Knight cup
© 2010 Dawn Blair

It’s got the same banner on that’s on the right side of my blog with the glowing star in the center.

Sacred Knight cup
© 2010 Dawn Blair

That’s my Steigan — a glowing star who’s light has just started to shine. Sorry, this isn’t in the giveaway, but you can get your own. However, I’m also thinking about releasing the whole first chapter at Webcomics Nation. What do you think? If you want it, you better give me your vote!

Here’s the cup and coaster together:

Sacred Knight cup and Weblinks tile coaster
© 2010 Dawn Blair


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