New Zazzle Shop

Here I go tinkering again. I’ve decided to start a shop on Zazzle — yes, isn’t it about time I joined everyone else? While I just have a bare minimum start, I’m going to try to add something new every night. Please note the word “try.” (Okay, yes, I’m hearing Yoda in my head saying, “Do or do not. There is no try.”)

I do promise that you will find items there that you can’t get anywhere else, like Pepper, my butterfly watching beast.

Butterfly Watching
Digital Image
© 2007 Dawn Blair

I think he looks really cute on the t-shirt. In fact, my youngest saw it and decided he wanted one too. That means me creating an adult shirt! My baby isn’t so small any more.

But Pepper’s only one of the things that’ll be unique to my Zazzle shop. I have a lot of pictures that have been processed for websites, but have never been seen. I’m excited about the possibilities here. Keep checking back to see what’s been updated.


2 Responses to New Zazzle Shop

  1. Awesome! Nice to see you on Zazzle. I have a Zazzle shop as well and have found it to be a source of slow, but steady, sales. The good thing is, I usually sell things in large batches through there.

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