Learning Opportunities

It seems like forever ago I put on a poll to see if readers wanted to see more of the Sacred Knight graphic novel I was working on. I’ve already written a longer blog about this so I won’t repeat myself here. Long story short is that I’ve decided to release all of it. Another page was just added tonight, but you can start from the beginning. I’ll be adding a page per night or so until I get through the end of the chapter. What I thought you’d be interested in is how this decision relates to my personal goals for this year.

When I sat down at the end of last year and asked myself what I wanted to accomplish this year, I realized that improving my craft was one of them. Now that I have The Three Books behind me, it’s time for me to get back to work on this. I was going pretty well for the first two months of the year because I had a schedule of things I wanted to do. Then my schedule ran out and I had to get down to business on the book.

While I do still have another project I want to finish this year (my children’s book Eggs at Play), I have a few ideas for learning opportunities.

Since I started off with the graphic novel for Sacred Knight, one project I want to get to is redoing this first chapter with color and moving on through the story.

There’s also my webcomic, Weblinks which has been sorely neglected. It’s a story I like and I’m just now starting to get to the meat of it. From the beginning, this was meant to be my “apprenticeship.” I had to start somewhere. As it was pointed out to me today, Gary Larson (The Far Side) had very rough art when he started that became more polished over the years. Put it out there even if it’s not perfect. In that spirit, I really need to get back to it.

Lastly, I want to improve my landscape painting. It’s so hard for me to set aside time to practice. It’s not like I don’t have time even with all I do. It’s more that I feel I should be making original compositions. Yet, I don’t know what I want to paint. It’s a frustrating feeling. The snake chasing its tail. I’ve written before about how I learned a lot from Jerry Yarnell’s workshops I’ve attended. I also own nearly all his books. Then, last week I was inspired by the movie Julie and Julia, but I started thinking what if I did this but with art? Jerry’s been such an inspiration in my art already. It only seems fair to continue. So, I’m going to start going through his books (the one book I didn’t have was Painting Basics – Volume 1 but it’s been ordered and should arrive tomorrow) and I’m hoping to get through a painting a week. Come next Monday and hopefully every Monday after that for a good long while, I’ll post an update on my progress and post a picture of the painting. Come see if there’s actually any progress. I keep saying that even in 15 minutes a day you’ll see progress — hopefully it holds true for learning too! We shall see, won’t we.

Well, now that you’ve seen what I’m doing to improve my craft, let me know what you are up to. Do you have any ways that help you keep scheduled? Or do you prefer to learn as you go? What are your secrets?


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