Ground Level?!?

I have a friend who is ever so honest with me. Whenever I need an opinion I know if I ask her she’ll give it to me cut and dry, black and white, no shades of gray. Bless her heart.

She once told me that Weblinks was “basement art.” She didn’t mean it in a bad way — she never does. It just mean that I was starting off in the basement, like a laundry wench slaving away at the tubs in the bowels of the castle. My phrasing, not hers! It was a place to start and work my way up (unlike the poor serf who was bound to stay there forever).

I drew the first chapter of Sacred Knight back in 2007. For the last 4 years, I’ve drawn Steigan over and over in many different styles making many different attempts. So, it was really nice last night when I was working on the pages for upload to webcomicsnation and I could already see that I’m improving even though I’ve barely been doing much for those last 4 years. I may have finally climbed the stairs to the ground level. Maybe, just maybe, there might actually be hope for me yet! It really does give me hope and courage for the revamping of the chapter. I may show off my many characters before I settle on a design for Steigan — maybe even have another poll. Comment and let me know what you think about that.

Well, another page to be uploaded tonight. Until then, happy creating!


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