My 4 Foot What?

Thought I’d take a moment and show you the newest painting I’m working on. I sounded like a great idea when I started out. It’s 30″x48″. Huge! Almost 3 feet tall and 4 feet long. Feels like a mammoth. At least for me. Up until now, the largest I’ve worked on has been 36″x18″. Just blocking in this painting made my wrist hurt. I’ve had to put it aside for awhile since it was done in oil and it needed to dry before I put the next layer on, but now it’s nearly finished. A few more background tweaks and then completion of the foreground and it’ll be done. Except for finding a frame for it!

Okay, here it is:

Work in Process 30x48 oil on canvas © 2011 Dawn Blair

The picture doesn’t do it justice either, unfortunately. I needed a quick shot to throw into Photoshop so I could do some planning for the foreground. I know when I started this last month I had a plan, but that’s what I get for not keeping a plan on paper too. Oh well, I’d probably change it anyway. After all, it was only supposed to have one waterfall when I started this.

And, I’m also seeing my learning from my weekly paintings coming out. I highlighted the clouds (yeah, those messy cloudy skies — I’d had the sky done until I decided to highlight them as I’d been doing in my weekly paintings). Talk about feeling bold. It takes guts to say, “Okay, I’ve not really liked highlighting the clouds in my other paintings but I’m going to risk messing up my cloudy sky here by tinkering with them once more.” I’m glad I did though. Also, as I stood back and looked at the distant mountains, I didn’t like the way they looked. They just weren’t right. So I brightened up the highlight on them again, feeling nervous about it the whole time. Now, those background mountains pop. I really don’t think I would’ve had the ability or skill to pull this off if I hadn’t already painted High Country Majesty. So, I guess now I do have to say that my technical ability is growing too. If it hasn’t, then my ambition has — why else would I think I could do a 4 foot painting?


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