Get going

Too often we want someone to show us the way. There is no way but the path you are forging. Everyone has to make their own path. But here’s a couple things that might make your artistic path a little easier:

1. Remember there is no map.
2. Know where you want to go. You may change your mind along the way – this isn’t defeat, but a sign that you are better knowing yourself. Don’t be afraid to start because you fear taking a wrong turn. U-turns are allowed.
3. Seek out knowledge from people who are already on the same path. Remember that their work style and techniques are their own. Take the gems from them that you can use, but don’t try to take everything. Not all of what has worked for them will work for you. Return to step 1 if you wish it were easier for you.
4. Move along your path to develop your work until you realize you need more information for the next step — return to step 3.

That’s it. May the Force be with you!


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