Dreamers, dream!

I’ve been feeling a little guilty since my last post. After all, who am I to shoot down someone’s dream?

I still think I was mostly right. Feel free to disagree if you want.

Let’s say, however, that I wanted to get a painting into the Louvre or the Smithsonian. Straight up, let me as you if you think my art is going to qualify to belong in either of these museums. So, what do you think?

No! Not a chance.

At this moment, my art isn’t worthy to belong in any museum. I haven’t gained the right to be there. I do feel that some of my pieces are beginning to be worthy of a gallery.

So it’s not a matter of don’t dream big. Heck, I hope all my readers do have big dreams. Imagination inspires (and I like to preach that). Just remember that those big goals do have a path that needs to be walked first before you reach them. That means starting small in your own backyard. Now go for it.