Do you want me?

Let me tell you about the new baby in my life. Yes, you heard me: new baby!

Of course, he’s better than a baby. Thank goodness!

Merlin - 7 weeks old

His name is Merlin. He’s about 9 weeks old now and we figure he’s a pure-breed mutt. Probably some lab, some terrier, and maybe some chihuahua. Who knows what else.

He was abandoned a few weeks ago, not nearly old enough to have been taken from his mother. By the time I got him, which was a few hours after he’d been found, he was starving. I wasn’t prepared at that moment to take care of such a young pup. But I did what I needed to do and he has regained any ground he lost from being ditched by the people that didn’t want puppies in their lives. I really don’t understand how someone could leave such a cute pup!

Please, if you have a pet and you don’t want baby pets, get them spayed or neutered. If you have a male pet, don’t just think that ends your problem. Your pet will hunt down a female in heat — that includes doing whatever it takes to get out of your house to get to that female. If you wouldn’t want baby pets, then don’t wish that on other families in the neighborhood! Yes, Merlin will be neutered when he is old enough.

Also, if you do end up with baby pets that you don’t want, wait until they are old enough to be taken from their mother and wean them properly. That much is your duty for not having dealt with the situation to begin with (in case you haven’t been following along, that means having spayed or neutered your pet!). Then, take them to the local humane society where they can be adopted by families that want a pet. I had no plans for another pet until Merlin was dropped into my life.

That said, Merlin has found a place in our family. Even the cats (especially momma cat who doesn’t really care for any of the other pets) have enjoyed having Merlin around. I miss Merlin when I’m not with him. Even though I have to get up with him several times to take him out in the night (he can only hold his bladder for about 2 hours at a time right now), the time I get with him is priceless. He helps me relax. He reminds me that life isn’t pointless. I wonder about his brothers and sisters and hope they are okay, that they have found places where they fit in. After all, that’s all any of us want in this world is to find where we belong. And when we’ve found that place, if we give others around us a validation of their lives, then we complete the cycle of life that matters most. For me, Merlin has given back to me something I thought I’d lost, something I didn’t even know what within me until it was gone.


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