Okay, I admit it!

I have been writing even though I keep saying I’m going to paint more!

In all fairness, I’ve been working on a schedule to simplify my mind and get more done. It’s hard when you’re torn between all the projects you want to work on and things that need to get done. Unfortunately, scheduling myself to work on certain projects at certain times doesn’t work real well for me. I have to have project deadlines, with milestone deadlines, then schedules times to work and in this time allow myself to work on what I wish. Or at least that’s what I’m trying right now that seems to be working the best. I’ve also put the brakes on a lot of projects that I really wanted to do just to help me focus on the ones I’m doing. As I saw on a poster yesterday: winning the race doesn’t always go to the swiftest; it goes to those who keep running. But running in circles isn’t good for me either. Therefore I had to quit chasing moths and focus on just a couple at a time. Once I’ve got some projects kicked out and moving forward, then I can move onto other projects.

In case you’re curious, and I know some of you really are, Weblinks is one of the projects that is resuming very soon with my new scheduling. I have a massive undertaking with Weblinks that unfortunately has brought my pages to a halt, but I’m working on that in some of my scheduled time and it’s coming together.

My other project of course is book 2 for Sacred Knight. Once again I feel like this story is bigger than me. Oh the fun side, right now on the Sacred Knight blog I’m talking about the discovery of a character, and tomorrow I’ll be posting about the birth of the character mentioned in the linked blog and next Tuesday I’ll post about the evolution of this character.

Have you noticed the other thing? Yep, regularly scheduled blogs for both this one and Sacred Knight. So far, so good.

Overall, yes I feel my schedule is making me more focused and productive. I’ve spent more time with my family, gotten more done around the house, felt less stressed, and gotten more done. Most importantly, I don’t feel like I’m working all the time with nothing to show for it. Of course, there are more projects, like painting time, that I need to add into the schedule. Plus I have other side projects going on for Morning Sky Studios (more details on this soon) that will culminate shortly and free up time — like I said, schedule and work on a project until it ships and move onto the next.

Just remember what I said about the race and keep running.


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