Loving the technology of a delayed RSS feed

Everyone has highs and lows in their moods. Good day and welcome to being human.

Artists are no exception and may have even more valleys and peaks than others. But sometimes, you just have to wonder if some power in the universe is conspiring with the artist to help out. Let me tell you what happened last week.

I was in one of the valleys, not all the way down the hill, but probably, definitely needing more sleep. Sacred Knight was feeling impossibly huge, I wanted to paint more than I was, and I wanted to get going on Weblinks but was having issues that had me at a stand-still. Nothing was coming together.

Then I sat down and read my emails. I saw an RSS feed from my blog – not a big surprise since I’ve been blogging lately — at that point it felt like the only thing I’d gotten done. Then I realized that the title was wrong. I hadn’t written that!

A million things zapped through my head. I previewed the email and saw an article I hadn’t written. Oh crap! I’m really imagining the worst now, except that the post was about passion in art. If I’d been hacked, shouldn’t it have been pornographic or something? Why art and passion? Guest blog? When had I allowed that? Hmmmm.

Then I looked at the date. It was from July 2011. Isn’t it December now? Why? What? I’m confused!

So I read the post. There was so much energy and passion I couldn’t believe it. I sat there thinking that there was no way I had written that, but I had no other explanation. None. It took me a couple times in reading to realize that I had written it and boy I had been on some peak that day, one above the clouds.

I then realized I had been in a funk, or sliding into one at least. This post with the delayed RSS feed couldn’t have come at a better time. It made me refocus and regroup. Technology is great, even when you think it might not be working so well. It might just be that higher power looking out for your artistic soul.


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