Hope versus intent – which do you have?

I realized that “my last post” mentioned in my last post didn’t post! Confused? Yeah, me too. Technology is great until it doesn’t work correctly. Strangely enough, my scheduler still showed it as scheduled. Weird!

Anyway, without further delay, here’s the post that should have come before the last one.

Do you hope that your dreams come true, or you do you intend to make them come true? Does this seem like the same question, or do you see the difference?

Hope is a wish waiting for the fairy godmother to grant it. Intent is the decision to do it. You can either want to be an artist (hope) or you can be an artist (intent). You can either want to write a book, paint a picture, make a clay scultpture, lose the weight, whatever, or you can go forth and write, paint, sculpt, exercise, whatever.

The fear that comes from that boundary between “want to be” and “doing” seems like a 100 foot drop off a cliff. I am hear to tell you that it isn’t. There is a glass floor that you can’t see. The drop is only 2 inches. But you have to make that leap of faith forward and go from hope to intent.


2 Responses to Hope versus intent – which do you have?

  1. fivereflections says:

    i just learn to save, or sometimes wordpress has backups you can locate and submit…

  2. dawnblair says:

    Good to know about the backups. My problem right now is configuring my mobile device to work with my desktop. Still getting use to having apps. Old dogs, new tricks! 🙂 Just gotta keep laughing at myself through the experience.

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