Is positive attitude all it’s cracked up to be?

Positive attitude is a self-imposed blessing. And it is my greatest hope that you discover that truth and bless yourself forever. —Jeff Gitomer

This quotation came through on Twitter not too long ago and I wanted to share it with you. I know a lot of people don’t believe in “that positive attitude mumbo jumbo.” But do re-read that quotation.

Do you see that “self-imposed?” If one researches the word “imposed,” one finds that it means something that must be endured or obeyed. It is like a hardship that must be put up with. Self-imposed, of course, means that you place this hardship upon yourself to obey and endure it. So, expanding even more, positive attitude is something you must place upon yourself to endure. Not only does this sound painful, but it sounds hard to deal with. You can’t be a victim when you choose to have a positive attitude.

Oh, there, even more. One must choose to have positive attitude and that also means accepting responsibility and believing in it. I feel that naysayers of positive attitude don’t want to make this journey. It’s far easier to stay negative and continue to blame circumstances and other people for the way life is treating them. Therein lies the truth and the blessing of which Jeff speaks. But you’ve got to make the trip. You’ve got to be like The Fool in the tarot and set out without any preconceived notions or so-called learned responses.

So, better get started, shall we?


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