Or maybe a negative attitude is good…

Funny how simple little things can change your mind if you’re open to them.

Just last night I was reading Barbara Sher’s Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want and she’s got a chapter on negative thinking and how to use it as a positive tool. I really like her explanation of Hard Times. Basically it states that we ought to complain about the negative things we know stand in our path to a goal, exaggerate them even, then get down to work. In fact, I think it’s something I’ve been doing a lot of without actually realizing it. For example, when I have to fix a computer, I want to bang my head against the wall, I gripe, I complain, then I get to work and get the project done. I’ve been using it in all facets of my life except for art — after all, the art is my passion so shouldn’t it come without me grouching about it? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, I will have to try the Hard Times technique the next time I sit down to draw or compose a painting.

Actually, there is one time I know I use this technique. Every morning when I drag myself out of bed. I lie there and complain about having to get up. I curl up with my Merlin puppy and try to go back to sleep. Alarms keep going off. I sulk. I want just a few more minutes of sleep. Soon, I’ve complained myself awake. At that point I decide to get up and get to work because no one else will write the story for me (ooh, pity party!). Once I’m at my desk, I lose myself in another world and the complaining falls away. Now that I’ve realized I do this, hopefully it’ll be easy to transfer it to other aspects.

Try it. I dare you. Walk around the room, fume, complain about your project. Especially if it’s a project you feel is larger than you. Let me know if it helps.


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