Losing yourself in your art

Do you have unconditional love for your creation? Do you believe that loving your art without criticism is a good or a bad thing?

Too often, I believe we are our own worst critic. We see the flaws in our art because we are so close to it. We don’t feel we can sell our art because we don’t believe it is worthy of other people’s attention. Worse, we have to be “in control” of our talent and never produce a bad piece. We want to “have grown” as an artist without “growing.”

Do you find yourself on this spiral wondering where “out” is? If only we could have a moment to stop and think out the situation, then we’d miraculously have the answer. But we never take that moment. If we do, we feel we have to be doing something and thinking isn’t a true action, right?

Here’s the real answer to the carousel: Don’t think about it, don’t worry about it, just get to work. The answer is in you and in your art. Share your own unique observations with those that wish to hear your “song.” Those are the people that matter — the like-minded individual you wish to reach that need to see what you have done so they know they are not alone with their mad thoughts. But if you don’t do your part, they will never know.

Go now, let yourself get lost in your art, and return with the unique ideas that only you can show the world.


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