Chose talent

The other day I had the opportunity of hearing a friend discuss my book with someone. She started talking about the painting on the cover of my book which I also did. Repeatedly my friend kept saying, “Yes, she is very talented.”

About the third time I heard my friend say “talent,” and mind you that she didn’t know I was overhearing this, I had to laugh to myself. How often do I say that everything we do in life is a choice? Here I was listening to a conversation I’ve had in my own art show booth with that word sparkling in the air all around. Talent.

Go on, say it. Talent.

Even the word feels good on your tongue. We often heard it said that artists and writers are born. How many arguments have you come across where the discussion of being born with talent is true or not? Do you believe it? Do you feel talented in your own art?

Here’s what I came to realize in that moment. Talent is not in question. We all know that if you work hard enough at something, you can learn how to do it. To someone who doesn’t know how to do it, it will appear to be talent. What it is is work at craftsmanship. I have chosen to put in the time in a certain area. To my friend, it looks like talent.

Even more, one step beyond that, why shouldn’t I chose to be talented? I have and I do put in time towards mastering my craft. I know I have a lot to learn, but to someone who has never stepped on this path what I do now already seems good. I look up to other artists and hope that I can someday reach their level. They have chosen talent too and worked for it.

Whatever art form you have decided to take on yourself, you have chosen talent. No matter where you are along that path, beginner, intermediate, advanced, or master, you are already talented. Hurrah!

Now, keep your feet moving.


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