More Manga Studios

I’ve been working again in Manga Studios 4 (teaching myself how to color again). I came across something that Smith Micro is putting out to support Manga Studios and thought you’d like to see it. There are now webinars for Manga Studios on their website. Yea!

When I was working in MS3 I kept hoping there would be more content available. I got really disappointed when there wasn’t. But they seem to be doing more to support this product now. I really do feel there is a need and a market for it. So many artists right now have tutorials for Photoshop or Painter, but I always felt there should be something better. That’s why I was originally so happy to find Manga Studios. I knew that it would make my life easier as I got started in comics. Version 4 with the ability to color is an absolute godsend!

I recently sat down to read Ghostopolis, but I learned through the webinars that it was done on Manga Studios. Now I need to go back and reread it. It just shows how far Manga Studios has come. I can’t wait for the day I feel worthy to show some of my MS4 art on their site.