Capturing ideas when they come

I wanted to share with you an idea that I got when I was listening to the Making Comics podcast. I’ve linked to the actual podcast in the link.

One of the guests on the podcast said that he got his best ideas in the shower so he uses a piece of plexi-glass and a China marker to scribble down ideas when he’s in the shower. I have to say that my interest was wrapped when the guest said he got his best ideas in the shower. The host and the other guest didn’t quiet “get it” but I did. He even said he had issues trying to remember these ideas until he could get to a point where he could write them down. Even calling for his wife to come write down the idea hadn’t seemed like a working solution. Hmm, I think I get that too. Finally he found this solution and it worked for him.

I wasted no time in going down to Home Depot to find some plexi-glass and a China marker. I actually found something better — it’s stronger and lighter than plexi-glass though more expensive. Works just the same though. The China marker was harder to find. I finally found some at Office Mas along with some clips with suction cups on them. Now I knew how I was going to hang my “glass.”

Now, I didn’t want the China marker to get all soggy, so I used some of the plastic film to wrap around the marker. I used masking tape to hold it — I’m still not sure how long this will work, but so far so good — and some nylon rope to hang it from the clip. I’ve just looped it over so I can release it when I’m writing further on down the board.

Here’s a picture of the board — sorry it’s not the best. I basically wanted an image of the board, not necessarily what I currently had on it. <>

So far, I can’t say I’ve captured any great ideas, but I’ve only had this setup a short time and right now I’m conscious of its newness so the ideas haven’t been flowing. I’m sure in the long run this will be a very good idea. I can write down ideas whether they be for marketing or stories, draw out scenes I think of, or comic panels, or whatever.

The other place I get a lot of ideas is in my car while I’m driving. So far, the best thing has been Evernote on my tablet because I can open a note fairly easily and start recording my idea with the voice record feature. Best of all, it’s shared between my computers so I have access to it the next time I sit down to work without any hassle of transferring the data.

When and where do you get your best ideas? Do you have a way to capture them? Share what you’ve done or if you’re going to try one of the ideas here — or how one of the ideas here has worked for you?


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