Reset button

Truth be told, I hated the whiny and negative voice in my last blog. That force to find the positive when I wasn’t feeling it.

Shortly after the post released, a friend told me that she once heard someone say that being sick was like a reset button for humans. I do believe that last blog post was me hitting the reset button. It was that last little push I needed to accept the fact that I had been sick and unproductive and I was now ready to get started again.

Being ill gave me time to think and refocus on my projects, to look at them in a different light. Yes, I feel like I spent the time clearing away a lot of the mind clutter and now I’m starting fresh. Believe me, I’m now seeing this whole situation in a different light.

How about you? Do you use your time when your sick to clear out your mind, maybe do something new or differently – or just find the time to read that book you keep meaning to, to come back reinvigorated to your projects?


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