Sometimes it’s just a tweak in thoughts that bring you great results.

Over the last year, I seem to have transitioned from reading business books to reading things more motivational through the metaphysical. One thing I find that rubs me the wrong way every time I read it is the question of “How may I serve?” in relation to finding your highest purpose in life. Focus on serving others, they all say.

Here’s my issue with that: service denotes a master/slave relationship. When viewed like this, art serves no purpose.

Art is not (generally) created for the whims of others. Commissions and freelancing assignments aside, I’m talking about those personal projects we all have. We create them not because we have a human master who needs us to “service” them, but because we have a spiritual master who drives us to create this project. We are creating for our higher self so to speak. Then we release the project to the world and hope someone else finds enjoyment from it.

I realized something important last week. I was driving home and decided I wanted a ice cream treat. I could’ve very easily stopped and gotten something, but I went home and picked up my youngest knowing that he would like a treat too and it would be a surprise for him. In essence, I wanted to share with him.

The next day, I was driving again and I thought about this. I realized that sharing is a large portion of what I do. I share with my children. I share my thoughts and ideas with you on this blog. I share my art with those who enjoy it. I share my stories with those who want to read it.

Unlike “service,” sharing has a different relationship. It is one of giving. Isn’t that what underlies the question, “How can you serve others?” Isn’t that really asking, “How will you share your talents with others?”

When viewed this way, the whole questions of “Does art serve a purpose?” vanishes. I know I’ve been stuck on that thorn a few times of wondering what the purpose of my art is. Not that it shouldn’t be asked. After all, I know that my art and my stories are meant to entertain and inspire with noble hearts and fantastic places. Is it life-changing? Will it save the world? No, not everyone wants to hear what my art has to say. Nor do I want to share my “babies” with someone who isn’t willing to listen to my message. I understand cloud mind and that everyone is plugged into it in a different part, thus making the path we have to walk. I’m good with it. Not everyone else is. I don’t want conflict in my life, certainly not over my art. I create what I must. If someone else doesn’t get that, it’s not my mission to change their mind. I’d rather focus on the people that come to me and say, “I could just walk into this piece and stay there forever.”

So, quit worrying about how you and/or your art is serving others and just yourself up to sharing.


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