Living Freelance

Whether you are a completely self-supporting artist (lucky you!) or moonlight as an artist (hmm, guess where I fit!), we can use all the help we can get to keep us motivated and on track.

One of my personal favorite blogs is Walt Kania’s The Freelancery. Even better than the blog itself is this fabulous ebook Walt has put together of his most popular posts. This way, you can keep it simple and read the best of the best if you don’t have time for the whole blog. And the cherry on top: Walt is offering his ebook for free! So, I couldn’t just let that slip by unnoticed by the rest of the world who has yet to discover Walt. A big kudos shout-out to Walt with a big hug of gratitude for the free ebook. I’ve got my copy. Be sure to get yours.

Thank you again, Walt!


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