Big projects

Large projects can be hard to handle. Whether it’s just something that’s going to take awhile or the scope of it is just huge, it’s easy to stop in the middle and wonder which way is up.

Don’t let the fear, that icy cold stop that pours from your heart right down to your feet, get you stuck in the mud. We all get bogged down every now and then. Sometimes, a mud bath can be rejuvenating! But it’s important to wash yourself off, warm up with a fuzzy towel, and get back on track. You can’t just step back and look at the whole project wondering how you’ll get it done; you’ve got to actually lean into the project and move forward with it.

Sacred Knight is my big project. When I try to scope the whole project within my vision, I wonder how I will get it all done. It seems impossible. I have had to break the whole thing down into small pieces, first the four separate story arcs, then the five different books (subject to change as it has before), then each chapter. I even write this story in layers. There is simply too much to do all at once.

So take the great body of work you want to do or are doing, and break it down for yourself into smaller, manageable chunks. Yes, every now and again you do need to look up at the whole thing and make sure it’s on track. Believe me, if my second story arc gets off, my third and fourth arcs won’t be nearly as effective, so I have to keep checking. Just don’t get overwhelmed by the complexity of your project. Look up, make sure everything is in alignment, then get back to work.


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