More free ebooks

Did you know that Seth Godin has several ebooks available for free download? Okay, maybe your head isn’t stuck in the sand as much as mine, but I was excited to see these.

Remember, it’s important to keep a pulse on the business side of your art. Believe me, I do realize how hard that is to do when you’re doing what you love (and a lot of times we feed our own dreams for quite awhile before we ever start making money). This is what makes Seth’s words so valuable — it is a kick in the behind for those of us who just love sharing **freely** of what we do. Isn’t it about time our dreams start to support us?

Go get your downloads and get inspired to share your intellectual property in a way that supports you back!

Oh, just downloading the books won’t get you inspired — you do have to read them. (I might — I said, “might!” — be guilty of that myself.)