For Sale, Call Loki

For Sale, Call LokiLoki Adventure #2©2013  Dawn Blair

For Sale, Call Loki
Loki Adventure #2
©2013 Dawn Blair

Now available for Kindle. Print edition will be available soon.

About the book:
No one goes up against the Norse god of mischief. It just isn’t done.
Well, not before now.
Someone has started the game and Loki can’t resist playing.
There’s just one (or two) little problems. Loki’s brother, Thor, has come for a visit. How is Loki supposed to do his assigned missions with Thor and his hammer causing so much destruction? Not to mention the news Thor brings for Loki.
It’s enough to make a god what to run into a telephone pole, which Loki will make happen if he gets a chance.
The game takes a dangerous turn when Loki is sent into a daycare to stop a transdimensional being. Loki is truly pushed over the edge when the life of a child of Midgard is put into jeopardy. It’s enough to make Loki consider breaking his parole.

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