If nothing ever changed…

If you know the quote, finish it now with me, “…there would be no butterflies.”

Very good. 🙂

A dear friend of mine found this quote on some cards and some magnets. She was telling me about it and saying that she wanted a larger size.

That very night, I was walking around a thrift store and found a homemade card that was already framed up. I kid you not — that very night. I had to rush it over to her house. She wasn’t home, so I left it on her doorstep. Imagine her surprise when she came home and found it. She was even more shocked when I told her that I hadn’t made it for her, that I had found it.


Thoughts become things?

Butterflies are beautiful, wonderful, and delightful. They change from one creature into something entirely different.

Take a moment to ponder the changes that have occurred in your life. Aren’t most of them beautiful and wondrous, maybe even downright miracles?

Why is it then that we fear change so? Maybe we aren’t sure what we will become. How about we stop fearing the unknown and embrace the fact that we can go through a change and become something better than we are now? Let’s give that a try, shall we?