April Fool’s Day

Don't whimp! Self-portrait (sort of) - the punk artist in me Digital drawing Dawn Blair ©2014

Don’t whimp!
Self-portrait (sort of) – the punk artist in me
Digital drawing
Dawn Blair ©2014

Ah, April Fool’s Day. The day when we all try to trick someone else while not getting tricked ourselves.

How often do we stop to realize that we are our own fool in our life every day?

If someone is trying to “fool” us, they are trying to trick us or manipulate us in some fashion. Do our brains not do this to us too? How often do you forget the present moment to lose yourself in a memory of the past or a hope for the future only to realize that we’ve made a mistake when we should have been paying attention?

Our brain fools our heart often. This is why in Manifest the Magic, my characters start discussing how the eyes are connected to the brain and the heart is held captive in a cage all it’s own. The brain is what “sees” the outer world and deciphers what it wants to tell the heart. I feel like it’s one of the ways that we trust our thoughts over our emotions and our gut instincts. It’s easier to believe what we “see” than trust what we feel.

But there is a good side to the fool too. I look at the fool card in the Tarot decks. Here, the fool represents starting a journey. Sometimes he is shown about to fall off a cliff, as if that’s exactly what happens to people who set out on their own in search for adventure. I think that’s the opinion of someone who is jaded and been burned themselves a few times. Not everyone who starts in a new direction is risking impending doom. Must we hold onto this legacy? In other decks, the fool is merely on a path with his faithful dog beside him. I’ve seen a horse and rider leaping a chasm as a fool card, as can be another interpretation of this card: a leap of faith. Any way you look at it, the fool of the Tarot represents taking a risk.

What if we were to look at April Fool’s Day as a day to take a new risk? Remember, you are the fool here, not someone else. This has to be your risk, not someone else’s. What journey would you set out on? What would be your direction? Would you be heading toward your True North (meaning that it’s following your emotions rather than what your head is telling you what to do)? Maybe for just one day, it is time to step outside yourself and allow yourself to be the fool. Do some child’s play. Eat something you’ve always wanted to try but never had the (dare I say it?) “guts” to try. Wear a jester’s hat to work and make everyone you see smile.

Beware, you might just find yourself liking to be the fool and decide to do it everyday. And maybe that’s not so bad. The world could use a little less jibber-jabber of head talk and a lot more fun and laughter.


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